pleased; happy; good times

One Love Remaining

Waiting On One Look

Who Watches The Watchmen?
try the priest; neutral; mischief
I read The Watchmen yesterday, and found myself rereading bits of it throughout the day today.  It was disturbing, jarring, striking, moving - brilliant.  I want to read it ten more times; I want to absorb everything, all the details and ideas packed into the frame of the plot.  It's sort of surprising, since I never really got into graphic novels - at least nothing besides manga, and judging from my limited exposure to that, I'd say they're fairly different.  Watchmen was so...raw, and twisted.  The kind of thing that stays with you for a long time after reading.

Too bad I didn't read it before choosing a topic for my research paper, because I'm sure I could have gotten a ton of mileage out of this - far more than I need for the assignment.  There's so much going on under the surface, I think I would have had trouble narrowing my focus.

My mom's working from home tomorrow.  I'm a little disappointed, since I wanted these five days to myself, but if I'm being honest that's mostly my disorder talking.  Really, I should be relieved - I can actually get some work done instead of letting the day pass in an unproductive fog.  I'll go to Starbucks, where I'll catch up on my reading for my English Writers class (three Shakespeare plays - yikes) and start revising my synthesis essay without internet access to distract me.

Not that internet access is so great here, when the wireless cuts in and out every other second.  Make up your mind.

Anyway.  Tired and sore, despite lazing around all day; psychologically, I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck, and it's not all due to my reading.  I'm going to turn in, and hopefully get some work done tomorrow.  

Channeling Sappho
key; discovery; knowledge; learning
Some say an army of horsemen
some say an army on foot
others say ships laden for war
are the fairest things on earth.

But I say the fairest thing
on this dark earth
is the face of the one you love.

Nor is it hard to understand:
love has humbled the hearts
of the proudest queens.

And I would rather see you now
stepping over my threshold
than any soldier greaved in gold
or any iron-beaked ship.

(Sappho, Fragment 16)

Only in my dreams, apparently.  It's been months; shouldn't this feeling have faded by now, even a little?

This is untenable.

Trouble Is A Friend
she hates me; sad; defeated
Spring Break.  Eee.  I can't exactly kick back and relax, though, because the Hamlet essay draft I turned in was so godawful the professor set up a sort of emergency consultation.  I get to rewrite the draft (which counts for part of the grade on the final paper), but I have to send it to my TA by Saturday.  So that's what I'll be working on tonight and tomorrow.  The whole situation's just kind of embarrassing.

I have a lot to do this week, actually:

1) Rewrite Hamlet essay draft
2) Begin revising draft
3) Revise synthesis essay
4) Study for Social Psych exam
5) Study for Greek Art and Archaeology exam
6) Read "Troilus and Cressida"
7) Read "The Taming of the Shrew"
8) Read "The Winter's Tale"
9) Find two sources for first part of annotated bibliography
10) Work through a chapter of Latin each day
11) Make flash cards with images for GA&A exam
12) Read assigned Astronomy chapter
13) Finish online Astronomy assignment

And I want to see some of my friends who'll be in town, and take at least a couple days to just relax, and maybe read something for pleasure instead of for school...a week isn't really long enough.

The heavy stuffCollapse )

I think I'll work on my paper now, which is at least productive.  It's a start.

Unraveled Words Like Moths Upon Old Scarves
reality check; awkward; or maybe
Sucks to find out your mom no longer believes a word you say.  I guess I deserved that.

Miraculously, I managed to finish both of my papers on time.  Predictably, they were awful to the point of being embarrassing.  At least my professors will be entertained.  At least I only have one major hurdle left before Spring Break - my Astronomy midterm.  For at least two days I will do absolutely nothing school-related.  I'll veg out in front of the Dreamcast playing Centipede, because I'm old school like that.  When I'm not playing Centipede, I'll be in a bookstore vexing the employees by reading for hours but not buying anything besides the occasional coffee.

Three more days.  I guess I should study for Astronomy.

Incidentally, my birthday's less than two weeks away.  Not that it matters; all I've really done is managed not to get run over by a truck.  Small mercies.

Inauspicious Beginnings
she hates me; sad; defeated
It looks like I'm in for a long night.  I just realized that I have not one, but two essays due Monday - both on material I haven't even read yet.  I knew I was slacking off last week, but I wasn't expecting something like this to sneak up on me.

So now I have to read a 20-page article, apply it to another source, and write five pages about...something, and then I have to read Hamlet (which, now that I think of it, I did read...three years ago.  Not helpful.)  And tomorrow, assuming I actually manage to do those things, I write another five pages on Hamlet.

I guess it could be worse.  They could both be due tomorrow, not that that would make any sense.

I'm already so tired, though.  And it was probably a mistake to map out the entire month of March in terms of major papers, assignments, exams, and so on in one night, because my stress level is in the orange.

Okay, whatever, I need to get started.  I'll just chug Diet Dr. Pepper and hopefully slam out this first essay in a few hours.  It's just a draft anyway, so it doesn't need to be perfectly polished.  And I can look it over tomorrow night if I'm not completely wrecked.  It'll work out.

...Fuck my life.


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