pleased; happy; good times

One Love Remaining

Waiting On One Look

Unraveled Words Like Moths Upon Old Scarves
reality check; awkward; or maybe
Sucks to find out your mom no longer believes a word you say.  I guess I deserved that.

Miraculously, I managed to finish both of my papers on time.  Predictably, they were awful to the point of being embarrassing.  At least my professors will be entertained.  At least I only have one major hurdle left before Spring Break - my Astronomy midterm.  For at least two days I will do absolutely nothing school-related.  I'll veg out in front of the Dreamcast playing Centipede, because I'm old school like that.  When I'm not playing Centipede, I'll be in a bookstore vexing the employees by reading for hours but not buying anything besides the occasional coffee.

Three more days.  I guess I should study for Astronomy.

Incidentally, my birthday's less than two weeks away.  Not that it matters; all I've really done is managed not to get run over by a truck.  Small mercies.


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