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Who Watches The Watchmen?
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I read The Watchmen yesterday, and found myself rereading bits of it throughout the day today.  It was disturbing, jarring, striking, moving - brilliant.  I want to read it ten more times; I want to absorb everything, all the details and ideas packed into the frame of the plot.  It's sort of surprising, since I never really got into graphic novels - at least nothing besides manga, and judging from my limited exposure to that, I'd say they're fairly different.  Watchmen was so...raw, and twisted.  The kind of thing that stays with you for a long time after reading.

Too bad I didn't read it before choosing a topic for my research paper, because I'm sure I could have gotten a ton of mileage out of this - far more than I need for the assignment.  There's so much going on under the surface, I think I would have had trouble narrowing my focus.

My mom's working from home tomorrow.  I'm a little disappointed, since I wanted these five days to myself, but if I'm being honest that's mostly my disorder talking.  Really, I should be relieved - I can actually get some work done instead of letting the day pass in an unproductive fog.  I'll go to Starbucks, where I'll catch up on my reading for my English Writers class (three Shakespeare plays - yikes) and start revising my synthesis essay without internet access to distract me.

Not that internet access is so great here, when the wireless cuts in and out every other second.  Make up your mind.

Anyway.  Tired and sore, despite lazing around all day; psychologically, I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck, and it's not all due to my reading.  I'm going to turn in, and hopefully get some work done tomorrow.  


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